IMPORTANT NOTE: I am 64 years old. I served honourably in both the British and Canadian Armed forces. I’ve been a Para-Legal for the last 30 years and have lived in Calgary since 1988. This is not the only website I author, and I can assure you all that the contents of my websites are the truth. In 2010 the Calgary police and the RCMP did charge me with 5 counts of criminal libel, but all of those charges were thrown out of court 9 weeks later, when they could not provide the court with any evidence, that what I’d published was false. Because what I’d published was true. 

SEPTEMBER 2021: My name is John Kelly, and this and my other websites will deem to expose those liars, thieves, crooks & criminals, that operate and still infest the ranks of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. How their many corrupt, crooked and criminal acts leave a trail of devastation and damage to their victims. Such acts are not only committed by the rank and file, but more often than not, by the Top Cops and their senior officers.

This and my other websites are only online because the senior echelons of the RCMP and the Calgary Police Service (CPS) are currently still engaged in their mother of all cover ups.

Such cover ups that have very very serious implications regarding their substantial criminal and crooked conduct in the wrongful arrest & the wrongful conviction & wrongful imprisonment of John Kelly.

This mother of all cover ups involves both of them working in tandem with others, in fabricating sworn Affidavits, to then gain by illegal means, search & seizure warrants, bogus arrest warrants & bogus criminal charges. Then attending at my residence and executing those bogus documents, then by wrongfully arresting & detaining me, taking me away, illegally seizing from my residence, boxes and boxes, hundreds and hundreds of documents and materials, which were then destroyed within days of their removal.


Make no mistake on any given day, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) will cover up, have already covered up, are still covering up, crooked, corrupt and criminal acts committed by those that operate quite freely within their structured environment. They will be doing the same for those crooked, corrupt and criminal acts committed by others outside of their structure. The RCMP allow this, as long as in doing so, it also serves their own ongoing crooked, corrupt, and criminal purposes and agendas. 

Some of the biggest RCMP tools are Lies & Manipulation

The RCMP have a range of tools at their disposal to further all of their purposes and agendas. From the rotten constables onto the rotten Sgts then onto the rotten Inspectors, and all the way up the RCMP flagpole to the Commissioners office, you get the picture.

Then they have a range of departments they can utilize and mobilize, most notable of these are, including but not limited to, other Law Enforcement agencies, the Crown prosecutors office, the rotten cops that are openly operating freely within the Calgary Police Service (CPS) and ASIRT, and you get the picture here too, their reach is all across Alberta and beyond.

The astonishing amount of damaging lies and disinformation that the RCMP can and do spread in order to carry out their coverups is astounding, and would have made Adolph Hitlers propaganda Minister Herr Joseph Goebbels, very, very proud and envious.

There are still many many documents, e-mails, transcripts, correspondences, tape recordings and other materials still in my possession to irrefutably back up what will be published on this and my other websites.

This website is a work in progress. johnkelly475@yahoo.ca